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Veronica Ryan

About Veronica

Veronica is a Skaneateles native and long-time Community Center enthusiast. She swam with the Skaneateles Lightnings when she was little and continued her aquatic pursuits on the varsity swim team in high school before graduating, a year early, in 2018. When she was a varsity swimmer she came to love gym training time as much as her time in the pool, and she has made that her focus. She’s more of a land animal than an amphibian these days! 

Veronica’s experience with Lyme disease and mental health conditions deepened her commitment to fitness and wellness. She has seen firsthand how whole person health – diet, exercise, lifestyle, and mindfulness – supports and transforms our physical and mental wellbeing. Recently certified as a personal trainer, Veronica is interested in all thing’s fitness, but she particularly loves Pilates, Barre, yoga, HIIT, and strength training. 

Veronica wants to share both her knowledge and her passion, and help others live their best lives. She’s particularly committed to helping older adults and people with chronic conditions maintain and improve their health and lead full, active lives. Her goal is to create a safe, fun, welcoming environment – a supportive fitness community for everyone!

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Veronica Ryan