#SkanCCSociety SACC Testimony

SACC Testimony (School Aged Child Care)

“This is our second year for our 6-year-old son in the SACC Program, and he did his first summer of camp this past year. He is always excited to go to the program and has enjoyed making new friends. The Skaneateles Community Center is unique in that it has all the amenities offered such as playing in the gym, swim lessons/swimming and ice skating. Sheila does an excellent job of planning all of the children’s programs. You can tell that she genuinely cares about all of the children and knows them by name. She goes above and beyond to make it a good experience and is responsive to feedback of the parents. Genuine care also shines through in the other staff that she helps to hire and train. Also, what is unique to these children’s programs that the Skaneateles Community Center offers is the extended hours to help accommodate working parents with inflexible jobs, open 7am -6pm in the summer programming, and 6:30am-6pm in the SACC program. Most summer programs offer only partial days, and this would not have been possible for us to do with our work schedules. We are so grateful to have such a wonderful option for our son! Thanks again for all you do and keep being your awesome selves!!” – Current Member