#SkanCCSociety Shaun Smurthwaite Testimony

Testimonial: I just wanted to express my gratitude to Ryan and the entire team at the Skaneateles Community Center. I started my fitness journey with you guys in January of 2023, my main goal was to feel “good” again. After months of hard work and consistency my fitness goals have been exceeded and I can’t thank you and the team enough for keeping the community center an enjoyable place to visit. The SCC is part of my daily routine, I am there rain or shine 7 days a week. I love the changes that have occurred, and I cannot wait to see what other improvements the team makes. For reference my fitness journey below


  • 34-year-old male
  • Start weight of 204pounds and 30% body fat. I started doing 12/3/30 which is a 12% incline at 3MPH for 30 minutes then a weightlifting routine known as the “bro split” which is every day is a different muscle group.
  • I did the above routine for 4-5 months. I then started looking into diet, my goal at this point was to intake 150g of protein a day and keep under 2400 calories. This coupled with the Push, Pull, legs split was magic!

-Shaun Smurthwaite, Current SCC Member